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Explore opportunities live video shopping can bring to your customers

The aim of the report will cover new consumer needs, the need to deliver live video shopping online and how it can be achieved.

We take you through how video commerce has changed, even in such a nascent industry. Afterwards, you will be able to see the opportunities it can unlock to capture customer demand on your website and experience conversion levels seen in retail.

We hope you enjoy this report, and we look forward to sharing many more insights in the near future.

Where should we send the Whitepaper?

whitepaper live video shopping v2

After reading this whitepaper, you will know:

• What live video shopping is 
• How video shopping has changed
• What else can live video shopping do to enhance the online customer experience
• Why shoppers prefer video
• Where live video shopping fits in with eCommerce personalisation
• How live video shopping addresses demand in eCommerce personalisation
• Why live video shopping is the future of retail

Skyrocket conversion rates

Engage with your customers immediately to address their queries, enhancing their shopping experience and dramatically reducing cart abandonment

Amplify average order values

Leverage live demonstrations to showcase products and offer personalized recommendations, compelling customers to add more to their carts

Build authentic relationships

Foster personal connections with your customers in real-time, bridging the gap between online and in-store experiences

Experience the positive impact of Confer With on your e-commerce store

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